As an Australian owned and operated marketing company, we pride ourselves on offering quality websites that are still affordable for small businesses around the country. But the question ‘How much should websites cost in Australia?’ is not a simple answer. The price of a website comes down to what the website needs to include, how it’s built and its features. Let’s take a closer look and provide some pricing information to give you a clearer idea of what a quality, Australian-made website will cost.

Key considerations that impact the cost of a website


First consideration is the size of your website. Are you requiring a simple, 6-page website that showcases your service, your team, a blog, contact page and your required legal policies (which are dependent on your country of operation)? This will be a lower price point than a business that offers many services that require individual service pages. Which is beneficial to have if that’s your situation, as individual service pages will allow for better SEO. Ultimately, larger websites cost more because it takes our team much more time to build. The good part? Our website starter packages are very reasonable (and you can learn more about them here).


Will you have an interactive Google maps widget, social media links and contact forms? Our website starter package includes all of these as a standard, but not all marketing companies are the same. Many companies will charge you for every element individually, so it’s important to identify what you need and want in your new website and ensure everything on your list is included.


Will you be accepting payments on your website? Will you need Stripe integration, customer portals or e-commerce functionality? Perhaps you want to collect emails that automatically sync to your MailChimp account to automate your email list process. Some of these integrations are fairly simple, and others are far more complex and intricate (depending on your needs). Adding on advanced functionality can increase the price of your website overall. It’s important to consider that some of these integrations have their own associated costs that will be outside of your website scope (such as annual fees).


Is your website built on WordPress? Here at Marketing Movement we only build our websites on the WordPress CMS. Why? Because it’s the best. But why? We’re so glad you asked. Approximately 80% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress. It provides the best functionality and capability for websites to grow and adapt to needs as businesses grow. Alongside this, it also provides a strong SEO framework. Easy websites builders such as WiX or SquareSpace look appealing (and they’re not bad!) but they simply don’t offer the scope of SEO that businesses need to be competitive in the SEO realm. Here at Marketing Movement we don’t believe in doing things halfway. So we want all of our clients to be set up with the right SEO foundations from the very beginning. This is why we use WordPress (and why you should too).


In Australia, there are requirements for businesses to include certain legal policies on their website (such as a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy if you collect cookies). These policies can be thousands of dollars to acquire, so think about whether the marketing company that is building your website includes these or not. We provide all of our clients templates to use if they choose, saving them a great deal of money. Another key consideration is hosting. Does your website company manage your annual hosting for you? This is a separate fee to your website overall fee and will recur annually. But it makes things much easier to manage if you have one company managing it all for you.


Not only do you want quality customer service and support throughout the website build (someone who listens to your vision and understands your goals), you want a company that offers support packages post creation too. This level of local support means you can contact them with questions or issues and know that you will be answered. Every time. For those seeking a cheap website offshore, 9 times out of 10, this support will not be offered. It’s all something to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of getting a website built here in Australia.


We hate to say it (because you know it already), but you get what you pay for. If something seems too good to be true, it generally is. And when it comes to cheap websites, there’s a reason for the lower price (corners may be cut, expertise may not be there or the level of quality and support may not as well).

So, how much should websites cost in Australia?

Our website packages are comprehensive and consider everything you need and want. Both now, and in the future as you scale and grow. Our packages begin at $3490+GST and include Google maps and social media integration, contact forms, up to 8 pages, legal templates and more. Of course, if you’re after something bigger or with added functionality, we can do that too! Simply shoot us an email with your website hopes and dreams and we’ll send you back a free (obligation-free too!) quote to consider. It’s as easy as that!