Content Marketing Services in Perth
  • Marketing Movement’s location guarantee is at the discretion of the Marketing Movement team, depending on the client’s location and package. Average radius distances are 2km for densely populated areas, and 5km for all other areas. MM has the right to change radiuses at any time without notice.
  • Marketing Movement’s location guarantee applies only to the content stream you are in. There may be more than one stream for each area.
  • Marketing Movement subscriptions are delivered to your nominated email address between the 20th and 25th of each month.
  • Marketing Movement accepts subscription payments through direct debit only. If a debit fails, the client will not receive content until their account is up to date.
  • Stripe is the direct debit company that collects subscriptions on Marketing Movement’s behalf. Stripe will attempt to collect any failed payments. A dishonour fee is charged by Stripe for any failed payments.
  • In order to sign up to Marketing Movement subscriptions, clients must complete the online form, including credit card or bank details.
  • Marketing Movement has the right to change payment dates or content receipt dates.