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When Meg first dreamt about our content subscriptions, she had allied health professionals in mind. With an osteopath husband and a background in making businesses more efficient; creating our allied health subscription content was a no-brainer. Fast forward to today and we have several different content subscriptions from allied health to financial planning! So, let’s learn a little more about them and how you can use them for your business.

Firstly, our team creates a package of content specific to your industry (chiro / osteo / physio or financial planning) each month. The content goes through various editing processes to ensure it’s AHPRA compliant (for our health businesses) and as accurate as can be! Finally, we then deliver it to your inbox for you to post, share and print however you see fit.

The Allied Health Essentials Subscription includes:

The Financial Planning Subscription includes:

How can the content be used?

Once your subscription content hits your inbox, consider it yours to use however you see fit! You’re welcome to paraphrase, add, remove, tweak, change and alter the content so it suits your business and is on-brand. However, for those who want a one-stop shop, you don’t actually need to change a thing! You can use the content exactly how it arrives.

Here are some creative ways you can use your content each month:

  1. Schedule everything into your social media channels, website and e-newsletter platform and be set for the whole month! (Okay, that’s just the normal way to use your content subscription, but we thought we’d start with that one).
  2. Add your clinic contact details to the bottom of each caption as an extra CTA (call to action) for your followers. This encourages them to call, email or visit your website.
  3. If you’re feeling creative, why not take advantage of the free Canva Templates we provide? Customising your graphics has never been easier with our templates. Simply add your colours and logo. This will add a more ‘custom’ vibe on your social media channels with minimal additional work.
  4. Use a caption provided with a real ‘in clinic’ photo that you’ve taken instead to add in a little personal touch.
  5. Feeling inspired? Keep the graphic we’ve created and write your own caption about the topic instead. This can be a good idea if you’re passionate about the topic and have specific points you’d like to share with your followers.
  6. Share the social media posts to all of your social channels. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even utilise our ideas on TikTok!
  7. Why not use some of our post topics as inspiration to create some in-clinic stories or reels?
  8. Film a video of you talking about this month’s blog topic and how it relates to your clinic. Rotate this idea to a different team member each month for a little diversity. This will also allow your followers to get to know your team.

All of the above suggestions are creative, ‘out of the box’ ways to utilise your content subscription. However, none of this is necessary unless you want to push your creative boundaries and make your subscription stretch a little further. Ultimately, your monthly content subscription can be used as-is, and all of our posts, blogs and emails are fact-checked by our team and designed by marketing professionals!

So, if you’re an allied health professional or finance guru and you want to see if our content subscriptions are right for you, chat to us today! And if you are already taking advantage of this time saving (and sanity-saving!) service, why not pick one point from the above list and give it a go next month? Post how you went in our VIP Facebook group for Business owners! We can’t wait to see how you spice things up!