outsourcing your marketing

What does outsourcing your marketing mean, and why should you do it (or not do it) as a business owner? Being a small business owner means wearing many hats. And for some, this works a treat. For others, the workload becomes overbearing and you soon realise that you’re stretching yourself too thin and not achieving the results you’re after. Enter outsourcing. Outsourcing can be a beneficial business tool for small business owners in many facets. Outsourcing your marketing, bookkeeping, lead generation to get more enquiries… the list continues. So, let’s dive in and find out the pros and cons to outsourcing your marketing.

Outsourcing your marketing


  1. Time: A marketing professional can achieve what you achieve in a fraction of the time. Why? Because marketing tasks such as advertising campaigns, SEO, website creation, social media management and copywriting are their bread and butter. They do it everyday, so these professionals are going to be more efficient than you (trust us on this one).
  2. Quality: Not only do professional marketers achieve results in a fraction of the time, they can also create work that is of a higher quality than what you could possibly achieve. That’s not to say the work you’re doing is bad. It’s just identifying that you’re also doing many other tasks, and by spreading yourself thin, it doesn’t give your marketing the attention it requires. 
  3. Results: What do you get when you give yourself more time, and your marketing materials are high quality? Results. Outsourcing your marketing efforts can achieve success across many avenues. What does this mean long-term? Spoiler alert, see number 4.
  4. Business growth: Okay so this one is self explanatory. Better work, more time, great results = business growth.Seems like a great equation to us!
  5. Obligation-free: By outsourcing your marketing, you avoid having to hire a casual or permanent employee. This means saving on superannuation, no holiday pay required and no tax to think about. Your outsourced marketing professional will set up a recurring monthly fee, of which you may* be able to claim at tax time as a business expense (*chat to your Accountant for advice). Lastly, your relationship is not set in stone. Many outsourced professionals will have a one-month cancellation period, which means with one-month’s notice, you can shift gears if you choose.


  1. You have to pay them: It’s true, professionals come at a cost. But trust us when we say, you get what you pay for. Experience and knowledge isn’t cheap (but it isn’t unaffordable either!). Navigate this ‘con’ by finding an agency that is local (so you know the work is going to be of a high standard) and weigh up the benefit of their experience against their fees. It may seem like an upfront cost, but in order to reap the benefits of the above 5 points under ‘pros’, you should shift your mindset and think of it as an investment.
  2. Long-distance relationships: For some small business owners, this may be a step outside the comfort zone. For larger businesses, you know that this is the pathway to success. Although your marketing professional isn’t in the office with you, there are certain ways to navigate this ‘con’, building trust and faith in their services. Firstly, speak to them on the phone. If they’re not a real person that can answer your real questions, then it’s time to hang up. Secondly, your marketing professional should provide monthly reports on anything measurable (i.e. advertising campaigns or SEO). Have candid and open conversations with your outsourced professional. If you don’t see results in an agreed timeframe, then it’s time to move on. But don’t let long-distance stop you from exploring an opportunity to grow your business with the help of a professional. This new chapter is well worth exploring.

Getting started

Interested in outsourcing your marketing? Our team are offering monthly marketing retainers, starting at just 5 hours per month. In that time, we could create a selection of social media designs, run an ad campaign, work on your website blogs or copy (or a combination of the three!). There’s no limit to what can be achieved each month with the right team on your side. And the right team for you is right here and ready to go, contact us to learn more.