Are you a motivated people-person who thrives on the creative?

If that’s a yes, please keep reading…

Marketing Movement was created with two distinct goals in mind.

  1. To provide phenomenal marketing services to businesses all around Australia and beyond
  2. To give Aussies the chance to create the work-life balance of their dreams, while thriving in a team that cares about what they do, cares about each other, and continues to push the boundaries as they learn and grow.
Marketing Opportunities Australia

We are firm believers that the right team can achieve anything. And the right person can also be taught the skills required to become a key team member. Because ultimately Marketing Movement is a family, and there’s always a seat at the dinner table for the right people.

If you’re:

  • A go getter who’s self motivated
  • Great with time management
  • A person who truly loves people
  • Not afraid of a challenge
  • Wanting a better work-life balance

Then you may just be the perfect fit! And we’re not just after marketers – we’d also love to hear from you if you’re a sales person, virtual assistant, graphic designer, SEO specialist, website guru, or more. We expand our business based on the people who are it (those awesome people, who share our values and are genuinely nice humans). So if you think you’re the right fit and have something to contribute, get in touch. 

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Side note: If you’re someone who craves power, being ‘the boss’, works purely for financial gain or won’t eat pineapple on pizza – you’re not for us (ok, minus that last point – we can move past that 😂).

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