As we get used to living in our new normal, we’re offering all health, wellness and fitness clients $30 off our Facebook ads and Instagram ads, until 30 September. You receive:

πŸ‘ One ad with image/video and content, plus your logo

πŸ™Œ Well researched target market – interests, ages, gender, locality and more

πŸ‘ Up to one month’s monitoring and tweaking as necessary

πŸ™Œ Analytics report at the end of the campaign

All of this for just $320 +GST, plus your daily spend.

But how do you work out value for money? Well take a look at these examples below:

dancerDance studio:

Just one student will bring you in about $24/week on average – $960/year. Say you spent $320 with us, and $300 on your Facebook ad daily spend (across the campaign). You only need one person to enrol to more than cover your costs! But normally, with these figures, you should be receiving anywhere from 20 – 80 new enquiries!

allied health imagesPhysios and allied health clinics:

One patient (on average) is usually worth about 6 visits to your practice, bringing in approx $600 to your clinic. So just one patient, will get your money back – and that doesn’t even include recurring visits in the future, or referrals they may give! With a Facebook ad campaign spend of $300, you may be looking at upwards of 100 new clicks to your website, or 20-50 new patient leads alone (yes, you can get their name, phone number and email to call directly). Plus we know AHPRA’s guidelines and what you can and can’t do.

female yogaGyms and fitness centres:

Let’s say you charge $100/month for membership on a 12 month contract. Just one new member covers the cost of your Instagram and Facebook ads (and then some!). We can generate leads for you, so you receive their contact details directly, or we can send them to a landing page on your website – the choice is yours!

Professions: We do ads for just about anything! Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists, Speech pathologists, gyms, fitness centres, dance studios, yoga and pilates studios, personal trainers, spas, beauticians, hairdressers and much much more!

If you’d like more information, or to book your Insta and Facebook ads, simply contact us and quote #facebook320! Offer ends 15 July 2020.