Slide email marketing. Written the right way, it's a great way to attract, engage and retain clients and customers. Nurture your clients with the help of targeted email marketing strategies.
email marketing

Email marketing

Many business owners think that email marketing campaigns (such as e-newsletters) are outdated. “Why bother when more people are on Facebook and Instagram instead?” they ask. Here’s why…

Email marketing (such as e-newsletters, product reveals and important announcements) caters to a completely different audience. Unlike advertising and social media, these people have already interacted with your business! Therefore, you’re reaching out to qualified, warm leads.

Written in the right way, email marketing is a great tool to:

  • Connect with your customers (or potential customers).
  • Inform your network of new developments (new staff, products and services).
  • Create a professional relationship with your past customers. Return customers account for a big portion of your future sales FYI.
  • Establish your business as a trustworthy source of information.
  • Sell more, book more and ultimately improve profits!

The art to e-marketing

E-marketing efforts only work when they’re written well. For example, click rates plummet when subject lines become too salesy, and unsubscribe rates increase when you lure the reader with clickbait headlines. Ultimately, your viewers will get bored and stop opening your emails if you’re not writing in a way that resonates with them.

Firstly, our team are word wizards.  Secondly, we love the opportunity to write newsletters aimed directly at the hearts of your customers. Therefore, we’ll take on board your brand, vibe and tone of voice to drive the right messaging home. Ultimately, we’ll deliver an e-newsletter that your customers will love.

We have e-marketing clients in various industries such as allied health, business and creative arts. And we love the diversity of our work we are lucky enough to create. So, if you’re interested in exploring email marketing, get in touch! We look forward to creating tailor-made monthly e-newsletters for your business.

Email Marketing


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