Slide copywriting and blogs. From educational blogs, to witty websites and more, our word wizards have you covered!
copywriting and blogging

Copywriting and blogging

From website pages to newsletters and blogs, there’s a big reason why they say “content is king”. What you write and how you write it says a lot about your business. Above all, the goal is to engage, retain and attract – without being too ‘salesy’ in the process. 

For many business owners, finding the time to create engaging content for their website is impossible. Add in the creation of regular, high-quality newsletters and blogs and you guessed it… They simply don’t have the time! After all, you’re a busy business owner, not a marketing guru! 

But lucky for you… we know content writing like the back of our hand, and our team has got your copywriting and blogging sorted!

We've got a way with words

Our team of word wizards know how to tailor make copy to suit your business. From formal publications like annual reports or brochures, to educational blogs, witty websites and more. We take the time to learn about your business, listen to the brief and deliver. Every time. 

So, if you’re looking for creative copy of any kind, just say the word and we’ll get started.

Content writing created for SEO

It’s not enough to just be good with words anymore. Everything you create and publish online should be optimised for SEO. This means the content adheres to the rules put in place by Google, allowing your content to be ranked higher than your competitors (learn more about SEO here).

All of our website copywriting and blogs are created with SEO in mind. Which means you’re getting so much more than just a snappy article or engaging blog. At the end of the day, you’re getting a piece of material that’s designed to grow your business!

What kind of content do we create?

Our incredible content writers create a large range of content for businesses just like yours. From corporate publications with sources and references, to captivating product descriptions for the back of the bottle, for instance. You name it – we create it! Some examples of the content we create include:

  • Blogs – Written for SEO
  • Email marketing / e-newsletters
  • Website copywriting
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Corporate documents
  • Product descriptions
  • And more!

Click below to check out some examples in our portfolio. Or if you’re looking to create some copy yourself, head on over to Marketing For Business Owners Australia for handy copywriting tips and tricks!


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