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5 reasons why your clinic isn’t attracting patients

Health and wellness marketing is all about communication, with the goal of increasing new patients, patient retention and care. Healthcare marketing is used by physicians, hospitals, health practitioners, caregivers and allied health clinic owners (and many more!). There are five mistakes healthcare practitioners often make in their practice that reduce their ability to attract new […]

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How to tailor your marketing to your clients needs

Tailoring your marketing to your client’s needs will ensure your message is received in the right format, at the right time, in the right place. It is especially important for generating ROI (Return on Investment), as your audience only receives relevant and engaging content. It is often overlooked by small businesses with smaller marketing budgets. […]

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Telehealth: What you need to know

Welcome to this new world of telehealth! We are all in this together, but the funny thing is that telehealth has actually been used by physios, osteos and chiros for years, especially in remote locations. While we know the benefits of manual therapy and contact with in-person treatment, telehealth appointments have been shown in many […]

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Online Marketing for Medical in Melbourne

Two MUST HAVE social posts

So, there’s a new place in town you want to check out, but where do you look first? You grab your phone, and open Facebook. You type the name of the business and check out their posts. It’s something that happens over and over again in your initial decision-making phase as a consumer. Your clients […]

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Brand identity… Boosting your business!

Branding is a marketing practice that requires a company to create a name, symbol or design that makes them easily identifiable. Having this brand helps you distinguish your products and services, and makes you easily identifiable in your industry. But branding is more than a name and logo – it’s about your image and your […]

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5 overlooked marketing channels that are a must!

There are various marketing channels out there that are overlooked when it comes to helping you boost awareness and traffic to your business. Below we will discuss the top five marketing channels that we think are overlooked and how you can make these channels work for you. Messaging platforms Our online communities value engagement, especially […]

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