three things your social media posts need

Three things your social media posts need

Hey there, social media enthusiasts! As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to harness the true potential of social media marketing. With millions of users scrolling through various platforms every day, your social media posts have the power to make or break your online presence. For many small businesses, […]

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marketing blog SEO

Why is SEO so expensive?

Why is SEO so expensive? As a business owner, you no doubt have seen the price tag associated with SEO management. It can be a daunting figure for some, and it begs the question, “Why is SEO so expensive?” It’s a long-term strategy First and foremost, SEO management is expensive because it’s a long-term strategy. […]

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website secure? website security - marketing blog

Is my website secure?

Is my website secure? If you’re wondering is my website secure? Then chances are… it’s probably not. The truth is, hackers are becoming more advanced. So now more than ever, it’s vital that your website is protected. Securing it against malware, hackers and other security breaches. What makes a website unsecure? Like a home, your website can […]

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outsourcing your marketing blog

Outsourcing Your Marketing – Pros and Cons

Outsourcing Your Marketing – Pros and Cons What does outsourcing your marketing mean, and why should you do it (or not do it) as a business owner? Being a small business owner means wearing many hats. And for some, this works a treat. For others, the workload becomes overbearing and you soon realise that you’re […]

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allied health subscription content

Creative ways to use your subscription content!

When Meg created Marketing Movement, she had allied health professionals in mind. With an osteopath husband and a background in making businesses more efficient; creating our allied health subscription content was a no-brainer. Introducing… The Full Monty. Fast forward to today, and Marketing Movement is an ‘all industries’ marketing agency. But our Full Monty subscription is […]

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Your SEO checklist

How you can improve your SEO on your website Welcome to Your SEO checklist! SEO is a hot topic, and for good reason! It stands for “search engine optimisation”, which means if you have your website optimised for SEO, search engines (such as Google) will bump you higher on the results page. Now, everyone loves being […]

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The future of AI in business-2

The future of AI in business

The future of AI in business When many people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they tend to drift towards images of computers with minds of their own, taking over the world (or was that just us?). The movie industry hasn’t necessarily helped AI over the years. Films such as Terminator and The Matrix planted the seed […]

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custom marketing solutions for healthcare professionals

4 Must have elements in your website

Building a website goes way beyond just a pretty look and setting up some simple functions that will get you by. Just like a book, if the cover is great but the story is average, it doesn’t sell. It’s the same with websites. It can look great and best custom marketing solutions , but if […]

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