Would you like personalised social posts, blogs or marketing material? Or maybe you’d like an in-house marketing professional for just a few hours a week (without having to pay all the entitlements!). Well, you’re in the right place. We deliver custom marketing solutions for clinics, from social media, blogs and emails, to flyers, social media advertising, branding and more. Chat to us today to see how we can help you.

Facebook ads


From £200/ad + your daily spend

Not sure how to do Facebook ads well? Or maybe you simply don’t have the time? There is an art to getting the most out of your Facebook ads, especially with the ever-changing algorithm.

With this package, you’ll receive a custom designed Facebook ad, posted, managed and analysed for you, for up to one month, bespoke to your target audience.

Purchase this package as a one-off, or subscribe monthly for regular management – the choice is yours!

bespoke blog



Want to save yourself hours of research and writing? Are you looking for a unique blog, specific to your clinic? Then this package is for you!

Our blogs are professionally written for SEO, fact checked by a registered AHP. On top of that, we save you even more time by posting your blogs directly to your website – no need to do a thing.

Custom enews



Retentaining your clients costs less than recruiting new ones. Keep your brand fresh in your clients’ minds by sending regular, custom e-newsletters.

With this subscription you receive a one-of-a-kind professionally designed, researched and written client e-newsletter, in your clinic colours, delivered to your mailing list every month, either from your e-marketing software, or ours.

Fact checked by a registered AHP, and results analysed by a professional marketeer, we comply with national anti-spam regulations. Save yourself hours and subscribe to give your clients a professional e-newsletter every time.

Social Media Marketing



Receive up to four bespoke social media posts and image each week, posted to your accounts for you! Graphics or picture quotes in your clinic colours, or you can send us photos of your staff or clinic happenings!

Outsource your social media and make more time to see your patients and run your clinic.

All in


Contact us for a quote

With this package, you can outsource your digital marketing and concentrate on your patients.

You’ll receive one personalised blog and client e-mail each month, published and sent for you. You’ll also receive up to four social media posts and designed images each week, bespoke to your clinic, again posted for you.

If you’re the owner of a busy (or multiple) clinics, this package is for you – we’ll do all the work. Prices varies depending on your requirements, so contact us today for a quote.

retainer agreement


Have you ever wanted to hire a marketing professional but simply can’t afford to hire another staff member? We work with a number of clients on a retainer basis, from as little as five hours per month! Here, our tasks are endless – from writing doctor referral leaflets and publishing website content, to social media, blogs, custom emails and more! And as your needs change, so do our services!

Facebook pages


From £100/page

60% of potential clients will visit your Facebook page before they visit your website or clinic. 80% say they’re more inclined to purchase from you if you have a credible Facebook page.

If you’re a new business, or simply haven’t had time to sort out your Facebook page, this package is what you need. It’s a one-off, and we’ll create (or re-do) your Facebook page, to ensure it’s best friends with Facebook’s new algorithm. We’ll also make sure it’s set up for ideal engagement with your followers, and leave a professional impression on your potential customers.

Your online report



We’ll assess and analyse your website, client e-newsletter and Facebook page, and provide you with a report detailing where you can make improvements, as well as a course of action to take based on your goals (e.g. attracting, engaging or retaining clients, or increased social media followers etc).

This is a one-off purchase, and so important given the new Facebook algorithm changes coming into play.

Stand out from your competitors and make sure your online brand is spot on.

VIP coaching group


FREE: join today

Have you wanted a marketing coach but can’t justify the $1000+ spend each month? Our Facebook group gives business owners access to a marketing expert, and support from similar businesses. View my education posts or live video (such as new Facebook algorithms or writing for SEO), post your ads for feedback, receive freebies or ask questions. It’s all here!