Five free ways to market your trades business

To get business in this economy, you need to market yourself right. But how do you do that with no marketing skills or prowess? Whether you’re a small business a one-stop-shop or perhaps a tradie wife or partner; there’s an abundance of things you can do yourself to promote your trades business online, for free. Time is money, so let’s not waste it! Keep on reading to learn more…

5 free ways to market your trades business

Marketing for trades that doesn’t break the bank

Great marketing is worth every penny, but until you get to that stage of your business journey, it’s time to upskill and get cracking. Here are five free ways to market your trades business from the comfort of your own computer:


  • Improve your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business profile is the information (and photos) that present when someone finds you on Google or Google maps. Think of this as a mini, website preview. Although it doesn’t have the same design capabilities as your website, it does have areas where you can input opening hours, contact details, services, photos, and more. Not only does it have all the basic business information that customers want to see, Google Business also allows you to post (like Facebook or Instagram!). This allows potential customers to see what you can do, and what you’ve been up to at a glance. A healthy, active Google Business profile can work wonders for new enquiries. So jump in and spruce it up!


  • Give your social media channels a freshen up

When a customer finds you, they’ll more often than not jump straight on social media to scope you out. So think to yourself… what do my potential customers want to see? And here’s the answer… examples of your work, snapshots behind the scenes, introductions to the team, special offers/promotions, handy hints, fun facts and tips and tricks. We could go on and on, but long-story-short, it’s time to freshen up your social media channels and make sure they’re active and professional. Personalise your brand and give them a reason to call you when they want the job done right!


  • Join local forums and community chats, and be active!

Don’t discount the Facebook forum or community group chat. Although this can be a long-term burn, this is a free and fantastic way to build rapport in your local community. It’s also a place where others can refer and recommend you, which helps to build your local presence. 

Handy hint: Don’t always go for the hard sell. These groups value real, authentic advice, so split your time between subtle call-to-actions and general helpful feedback and advice. Your community will respect your input and value your helpful opinions, all of which help drive traffic your way when it’s time to book in trades.


  • Write helpful, informative blogs and share them with your digital community

Stemming from the above point about building authentic connections, writing helpful blogs and sharing them with your social media audience as well as local community groups is a game changer. Think about what your dream customers want to know about your trade, and educate them! Take them on a journey with you and answer their FAQs. Once you’ve created a captivating blog, share it to your socials and community groups. Include subtle call-to-actions (for e.g. if you’re time poor and want your marketing handled by a pro, we’ve got just the thing, here!) that direct users to your website, without making the blog a hard sell!

Marketing for Trades Handy Hint: Type your trade and location into Google and see what the top searches are. Use this as a base to write your SEO blog articles. 


  • Run a promotion to entice new customers!

This may cost you a little money in terms of profit margins, but it really comes down to how much you can afford to give away as a discount in order to attract more customers. Promotions or special offers can be a fantastic tool for enticing new customers your way, but you definitely want to find the sweet spot between making the special attractive, without undervaluing your services

So, there you have it! Five free ways to market your trades business, and boost your business’ online presence without spending a single dollar! If you find yourself unable to do these five things (and do them well), don’t worry. This is why people like us exist – to make marketing your business easier and more successful. If you’re time poor, or feel like your time would be better utilised doing other important things (like, running your trades business!), then shoot us a message and let’s have a chat. We’re always willing to provide advice and help out our Aussie trades.