The world of social media is growing by the second. And whether you made your debut via Myspace or Facebook, one thing is for sure – unless you have endless time or a dedicated social media team, you probably don’t have an active profile on every single social media platform. “So, which social media platform is right for my business?” we hear you ask. Well, we’ll need to know a little more about your business first. Let’s get started.

Before you can determine which social media platform is right for your business, you need to determine WHO your customer is. Because once we know who your customer is, we can determine which channel they use most. And you guessed it, that’s the channel you need to focus on.

A key driving factor when assessing the different social media platforms is age. For example:

  • Facebook isn’t used heavily by people under the age of 25, however it is highly used by those 35+
  • Instagram is a broad spectrum, though is less used by those over the age of 45+
  • TikTok is a younger demographic, with most users being under the age of 25, with some sources claiming almost 50% of users sit under 30.
  • YouTube has a sweet spot between 20 and 40, however users outside of this age bracket do occasionally browse the site for specific reasons.


Alongside age, different platforms have different focus areas, for instance:

  • Facebook has a lot of different features, but is a great tool to openly interact with your customers in an open, public settings (i.e. your business page). You can share photos and videos, status updates, conduct polls and request reviews, all from one platform.
  • Instagram is very media-focused. What started out as an online photo album of sorts, Instagram has morphed into a visual platform of images, videos and stories – aimed to engage and entertain the user. Captions are important, but less important than the media you share. Instagram at a glance is essentially an online business card, so the look and feel of your ‘grid’ is important.
  • TikTok is for the budding entertainer at heart. Whether it’s classy videos set to the beat of the music, or videos utilising humour or special effects, TikTok is the place for businesses who can create captivating video content – with bonus points to e-commerce businesses who could benefit from going viral on the platform.
  • YouTube has always been about the video content and with vloggers taking the world by storm, it can prove to be a great place for businesses to share their journey, their purpose and behind-the-scenes footage of what goes on at the business. 


Still wondering which social media platform is right for my business?

Chat to our team and let’s figure this out together. Our social media managers can skyrocket your social presence and allow you to be seen by your target customers. Learn more about our social media management services by clicking here, and in the meantime, check out this fun flow chart we’ve created to help narrow your options. 

which social media platform is right for my business