The future of AI in business-2

The future of AI in business

When many people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they tend to drift towards images of computers with minds of their own, taking over the world (or was that just us?). The movie industry hasn’t
necessarily helped AI over the years. Films such as Terminator and The
 Matrix planted the seed that AI is destined to take over the world and make humans redundant. But the truth is, AI can be a powerful business tool when used correctly. In fact, a recent TED Talk, by Shervin Khodabandeh provided a fantastic insight into the future of AI in business, and how business owners can work with AI as opposed to against it, to achieve a greater level of success.

So, what exactly is AI?

According to the Oxford DictionaryArtificial Intelligence is the “theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence.” This can include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation (amongst other things).

The future of AI in business

If businesses choose to work with Artificial Intelligence as opposed to against it, AI has the power to improve processes, save time and cut costs. In fact, you probably use AI right now in your business or day-to-day life, but you haven’t thought about it in great detail. For example, do you use your navigation system to get to the office? Have you ever asked Google or Siri or Alexa a question? Do you unlock your phone with facial recognition? These are all examples of AI and they all have the ability to make your life and your business more efficient.

Examples of AI tools for business owners

As an Australian marketing agency that is continually growing and adapting to change, we’ve seen the power of AI for business. We’ve both seen and experienced several AI tools that can streamline business operations, improve productivity and potentially increase profits. Here are some examples of how AI and business can work together to achieve success:

  • Ad campaign recommendations & tools: Whether you’re running a Google ad campaign or perhaps a Meta campaign on Facebook or Instagram, both of these platforms have fantastic recommendations, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Lead generation tools/interfaces: Gone are the days of manually searching through websites or LinkedIn profiles to find the contact details of potential customers or business connections. Companies such as ContactOut have an AI-powered interface and plugin which help you get email addresses, fast!
  • Email AI: Imagine your business inbox without a spam filter. With almost 85% of emails being spam, let’s give a round of applause to our AI spam filter for doing the heavy lifting!
  • Voice-to-text: No hands? No problems! Working on the go has never been easier with voice-to-text features being available within many programs (one being outlook for mobile!).
  • Insights: Dive into your sales statistics, analyse your company performance and customer behaviour, as well as email open rates, advertising clicks and more. From social media platforms to accounting and management software such as Xero and Asana, analysing performance and behaviour is no longer a manual spreadsheet process.

The truth is, AI can’t function without a human at the wheel (at least, not yet!). So why not take advantage of the incredible technologies that are being developed by the world’s brightest tech minds, and let their innovation boost your business? The future of AI in business is here, all we need to do is say yes.