There’s a lot of competition in today’s private health care practices. And in order to survive, healthcare marketing is the solution that allows you to expand your patient relationships and nurture them into long-term, committed patients. Successful healthcare marketing leads to successful patient engagement, which in turn leads to a thriving practice.

So, are you committed to really making 2022 productive and outstanding for your practice? If so, read on! Here are few custom marketing solutions for health professionals so you can manage and perform your activities more efficiently and eliminate redundancies.

Use a Good Scheduling System

Managing your clinic’s schedule includes an enormous impact on productivity and efficiency. Good scheduling can increase patient flow by two or more patients per day, which is net income to the practice. If you haven’t yet, consider computerising your manual system. If you’ve already got your patient system down pat, look at a system for admin – we use Asana here as a project management tool for to-dos, and it has been a game changer!

Choose to Offer Add-Ons

Do you just offer one kind of appointment? What can you do in your business to grow it? Think about offering classes, or rent out your room (or another) to a massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath etc.… Can you sell products (like pillows, Archies, rehab equipment etc.)? There are ways to expand your business without you have to clock up more clinic hours. Think creatively and market your add-ons!

Know Your Target Audience

Before reaching out to potential patients, understand your current patients. Observe and track the average age, gender, profession and location of your existing patients. This data will prove extremely helpful to find the best marketing techniques for promoting your practice and attracting new patients. This type of information is especially helpful when doing social media marketing – another game changer!

Build a Mobile-Responsive Website

Building a modern and convenient website is essential. You need a mobile-responsive site if you want to grow your practice. Within our healthcare marketing services in Perth, Sydney and beyond, with help our clients develop mobile responsive sites, so you can reach people the way they want to be reached – which is mainly through their phone screens!

Start Designing a Blog

Blogging adds fresh content to your site and also helps with SEO – search engine optimization. Our health marketing services in Perth, Sydney and across Australia, guide you, as healthcare professionals, on custom marketing solutions. Whether it’s SEO, blogs, social media, ads, emails or more – we help you engage with existing and potential patients. But when it comes to blogs, consistently posting relevant and original content on your blog shows that you know your practice and are qualified, professional and happy to educate. Think about writing about wellness tips, local events, injuries or rehab and share updates about your practice.

Embrace Technological Advances

Technological advancement is a must to grow your revenue. Design a website for your clinic that offers a technologically connected healthcare service. For example, your website could include portals from where patients can download their rehab program without seeking help from the professionals, or where they can track their food diary etc. – and if you offer these benefits in app form, even better!  If patients are satisfied with the convenience offered by your clinic, they’ll be more likely to refer other people to your practice.

Bottom Line

In the healthcare industry, marketing focuses on attracting new patients and sustaining existing ones. There is a lot of competition. To satisfy the health needs of your diverse populations, our health marketing combines several disciplines and activities – from social media and blogs, to online ads, patient emails and more. Your marketing plan must showcase a distinct value proposition that distinguishes your healthcare business as “best in class” so that you can stand out from the crowd.