Websites are an extension of your clinic! Positively representing your service through a well-designed chiropractic website will establish your credibility with potential patients and improve your reputation. But before starting to design a website, you need to think about what functionality is necessary, and what will help you get new patients through the door. Here are some of the Chiropractic website must-have features for your chiropractic website, to generate revenue and book more appointments at your practice. 

Use a user-friendly navigation bar on your chiro website:

The navigation bar allows visitors to quickly go from one page to another on your website. And of course, in this day and age – time is priceless! Web visitors want access to content or information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your menu should be visible from each and every page so that users can locate the next section they want to explore without difficulty. If they get frustrated, or can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll simply leave and head on over to the next site on Google’s list – your competitor.

Develop your chiro homepage:

Your homepage is usually your most frequently viewed webpage so it’s important you know what you want to say and convey it accurately. They should know instantly that you are a chiropractor and that you offer services that can help them improve their life or health in some way.

Carefully design your ‘about us’ page:

About us is your opportunity to tell the story of your chiro practice. You can mention details about your website, mission, your practice’s history, goals, values that your chiropractic clinic possess and much more. It’s always best to capture your USP here too. That’s short for “Unique Selling Point” – what makes you stand out from other chiropractors or why should patients choose you specifically?

Provide your contact information:

In spite of your contact information being shown in the footer of your website, you still need a dedicated contact page. And this page should be made as simple as possible so patients can easily reach out to you. They should not have to search to find your location, email, hours of operation, or phone number. Having all of your contact information readily available online is also beneficial in proving the legitimacy of your practice and boosting your credibility.

Build your service page:

This is one of the most important pages! Your services page should state the reason why visitors should choose you. It should list all that you offer at your practice, but it’s also a good idea to have individual pages for each service that go into more detail. For someone that is unfamiliar with what you do, a potential client is likely to have many questions and your services page can help provide them with the answers. Provide a detailed list or sketch of the conditions and symptoms that you treat in patients as well as the benefits of receiving chiropractic care. These pages are also great for SEO – win win.

Choose a website design that captures the essence of your chiropractic clinic:

First impressions matter and your website will be a user’s first impression of your practice. A sleek modern design with complementary colors, high-quality images, and readable text will ensure that your website is as professional as possible.

A chiropractic blog to establish and support your expertise:

Given what we do, we might be biased but blogs are super handy (ok, we’re not bias – research and SEO tells us they are!). Your chiropractic Blog can be used to teach your patients ways that chiropractic care can improve their quality of life, and lead them to book their appointments with you. When blogs are written well (with correct keywords and formatting), they’re also great for SEO.


So, if you’re a chiropractor and are looking to build a new website, or simply want to improve your current site, we’re your people. We specialize in websites for chiropractors and allied health clinics, so please contact us today for a chat or quote!