As far as websites are concerned, here at Marketing Movement, we live and breathe them – website development is our jam!

Your potential clients are rummaging through the internet searching for the same services that you provide. They might have come across your brand and probably started showing interest. But they hesitate and don’t book in – why? Often it’s because your website doesn’t have enough information about the service they’re after, or maybe it doesn’t seem professional enough, or it’s just hard to navigate. Whatever the digital reason, it can be fixed! Website Development can be tricky and here at Marketing Movement, we give solutions to hundreds of such issues and help our clients navigate the weird, wacky and wonderful world of websites.


Here Are Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Setting Out on Your Website Project:

  1. Who is my ideal customer and what are they searching for on the web? Do you specialise in certain services (e.g. paediatric physio, or chronic conditions)? The Marketing Movement team always encourages clinic owners to ask some of your current clients what they searched for when finding you… Is it ‘chiropractor near me’, or ‘help with back pain’, ‘what could my shin pain be?’ or others! You’ll want to know this for SEO, so you can use particular keywords. It’s also good to know your ideal clients’ common pain and injuries so you can dedicate pages to those popular services or conditions. We know all the great search terms needed for allied health (as it’s our jam!), but it’s always good to find out any that are unique to your clinic.


2. Is the information on my website accessible? At Marketing Movement, we know people value time, so if your potential clients can’t find what they’re looking for within a click or two, then you may as well send them off to your competitor. User-friendly navigation and menu systems is key, so before starting your website project, think about what information you need on Your Website Development and how it should be categorised!


3. What is my budget and what time do I have to invest? Many clinic owners have a scarcity mindset – in that they feel like they need to do it themselves in order to save money. And of course, they end up with a mediocre DIY website. However, the only way any clinic can grow beyond a certain point is to outsource. Writing blogs takes hours, developing social media posts, more hours, maintaining a healthy Website Development and SEO takes not just hours and hours, but also technical expertise. And the list goes on.


While you might think spending 10-20 hours a month doing your own marketing is saving you money, it’s not! Those 20 hours could be better spent doing what you know best – treating patients. Also, you’d bring in more money seeing patients than what you’d spend on a Marketing Movement retainer, so you’d actually be ahead! But failing that mindset, you do need to think about what you can spend each month on a website, because it’s not just the initial outlay. You need to protect yourself from hacking, and then of course there’s hosting, technical updates and let’s not forget SEO, which is another world in itself! So, know your budget vs time relationship and how much you’re willing to invest. And if you’re not sure where to start, feel free to give us a call – we’ll happily chat it all through with you 😊.