Health and wellness marketing is all about communication, with the goal of increasing new patients, patient retention and care. Healthcare marketing is used by physicians, hospitals, health practitioners, caregivers and allied health clinic owners (and many more!). There are five mistakes healthcare practitioners often make in their practice that reduce their ability to attract new patients. And that’s the last thing we want for you! So, check out these five mistakes below to make sure you’re not doing anything to hurt your business:

Not using consistent health and wellness marketing and branding

Some healthcare professionals believe that their expertise distinguishes them from other healthcare practitioners. Others it’s their location or niche services.  But regardless of what it is that sets you apart, you need to shout about it! It is important to identify what your brand is all about and what is so unique about it. However, for most people, they can tell us why they stand out from their competitors, but it doesn’t come across in their branding, social media channels or website. Here, as a specialist (small but mighty) marketing agency, we extend our hand in helping you, and healthcare professionals like you. At Marketing Movement, we’re a health and wellness company located in Perth, Sydney, and the UK and we help healthcare professionals all over the world! We’ll provide you with efficient healthcare marketing strategies so you can put yourself forward confidently, as a consistent brand in the market.

Not evaluating the online patient experience

Years back, having a website was enough to attract customers to your door. But nowadays it is very common for hospitals and healthcare professionals to have a website – every Joe Bloggs clinic has one. It’s often the first thing patients see, and if it’s not well-designed for patient experience, then it could be the last time they think of your clinic or the medical services they’re looking at. Your user experience is an essential factor to consider while designing a website. However, developers, on the other hand, are sometimes so focused on making the website look sensational that they overlook the patient experience.  At Marketing Movement, we provide the best possible healthcare marketing services to all healthcare professionals. We develop responsive websites that customers find easy to use, which makes it easier for them to find what they need and book with you time and time again.  Plus our websites look great too! Win, win if you ask us!

Not leveraging social media in the right way

Most hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals trust social media for their digital healthcare marketing strategies (and if you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic!). Uploading photographs, announcements, activities, and more to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, is a great way for brand building and informing patients about new and current services. However, paid social media marketing is a better method to reach the audiences who are really needing you and your healthcare services. At Marketing Movement, we provide a range of social media services, including a budget-friendly paid social media marketing service to chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals so that you can reach a larger audience.

Not following up with patient feedback

Hospitals and healthcare professionals unfortunately can’t change public review if your patients give poor feedback regarding your healthcare service – what’s done is done. But what you can do is follow up the patients’ reviews or feedback and assure them that you’ll work on improving the service. Some clinics even offer a voucher or free massage as an apology. Here at Marketing Movement, we encourage healthcare practitioners to respond immediately to patient feedback. Patients may be prompted to update their reviews if they receive the correct follow-up to let others know the problem was fixed quickly. Of course, with anything review-related, make sure you follow your regulatory body guidelines!

Unappealing health and wellness marketing messages

Often, information on websites is too complicated to understand for patients and website visitors. And social media posts are often too ‘salesy’ or fail to give followers meaningful and helpful healthcare service content. This is why working with a marketing agency can generate a great ROI (return on investment). Here at Marketing Movement, we are health and wellness focused. Our years of experience in the allied health industries both in Perth, Sydney, Nationwide and abroad in the UK and Canada can help any healthcare professional to design the best marketing strategy, which fit their clinic goals.

So, stay clear of these five mistakes and you’ll be on the road to marketing success in no time! And if you want to find out more about how we can help, just contact us today.