Digital marketing nowadays plays a pivotal role in helping you reach your target audience in one go. People rely on social media content these days, even more so than marketing leaflets or newspaper reviews of days gone by. Increasing your followers and having top-notch online marketing services are the key to reaching a bigger audience through your online platforms. Creating marketing content that aligns with the needs of the majority of your followers is so important – it will pull your ideal audience towards your brand. Of course, allied health professionals can also increase your reach by engaging in conversation with your active followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. We like to think of ourselves as the most promising health and wellness marketing company in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. At Marketing Movement we guide various health clinics and wellness businesses through their marketing journey, growing their brands and followers on social sites that improve attraction and retention of clients. So, the Marketing Movement team pulled our heads together to create this list – ten ways in which you can boost your online marketing game.

Engage in conversations with potential clients on social media

Why do you post updates on social media? Because as humans, we tend to like other people’s reactions. There’s science behind it that mentions the release of happy hormones that make us feel better, but ultimately, people like to be liked!! That is what you need to engage in here.

Here at Marketing Movement, we help clinics engage by providing the right ‘type’ of social media posts. And you, as an owner of a healthcare clinic should build easy going relationships with your patients by replying to your patients’ feedback and queries on those social media posts.

Pre-write stock replies for random comments

As an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist, you have other responsibilities – your patients (and running a clinic)! So if there are repeated comments you get on your posts, develop a stock reply that you can quickly paste in. For example, your bookings web URL and phone number would be a great stock comment to have to hand. While our Marketing Movement team usually encourages businesses to reply to comments themselves, we do offer this service – and create a number of stock replies for allied health professionals and clinics that need them.

Post short questionnaires to find potential clients

In the industry, we call this a lead magnet for lead generation.  These little surveys can also be used for engagement. You can generate a small poll or work with professionals to generate  custom marketing solutions for health professionals. If you’re using it for lead gen, capture a phone number or email. If you’re using it for engagement, make sure to reply to comments or answers – a quick emoji or GIF is a great way to engage if you’re short on time. And of course, our Marketing Movement team always suggests that you be candid and inclusive whenever you chat to your audience online.

Amp up social media reaches by posting video content of your physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic practice.

Around 80% of the potential consumers on social media are attracted by visual content. Your key audiences, looking for Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy services online will reach out to your post easily through video content.

There are a few things to keep in mind.

Behind the anonymity of the web, anyone can post up anything on social media. But to gain trust and faith, you should let your audience know about you and your staff members, who are the backbone of your business. Have a go at doing little intro videos of each of your team – osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists alike!

Why do YouTube content creators add bloopers to their videos? Because it shows their audience their unfiltered self. Here in the case of health clinics, a patient wants to know you, and would like a glimpse of how your services take care of your patients. Our Marketing Movement team suggests that you film some of your work with patients and post it online. Make sure you comply with your regulatory body recommendations, and always get written permission from your patient to upload and photos or video. Worried about filming patients? That’s ok, have a staff member replace the patient and show certain treatment techniques or exercises.

Healthcare professionals should advertise the treatments you provide! Try creating some step-by-step visual content on social media. Share details of that laser therapy service, or massage therapy, pilates classes or other services.

Provide information that is helpful to your followers. You could suggest ways your followers may help their knee pain, back pain, and other issues. It makes the video clips more engaging for the audience when they’re getting something out of it.

Get involved in the community! Shout about community events, or have your staff members update followers about local events or businesses. It encourages your followers to participate , boosts local business advertising and builds trust with your audience.

Attaining feedback from authentic followers

Social media is a visual space where one can get all sorts of feedback, be it good or bad.  New customers look for other customers’ feedback to inform their decisions about whether they book in with you. Now with Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy services, this can be difficult, depending on your regulatory body’s guidelines. In Australia, AHPRA doesn’t allow you to post reviews on channels within your control (so Facebook, Insta and websites etc). However if your patients leave a review on Google, that seems to be ok, as it’s a third party site and outside of your control.

Our Marketing Movement team suggests healthcare clinics create social media polls to let the audience give valuable feedback on your service. Be deliberate on what you poll and make sure it complies with AHPRA or similar. You can also post case studies – just make sure any reviews don’t sneak into your posts. 

Initiate interactive sessions with your followers by following post trends

Celebratory content: Christmas, ANZAC day, Mother’s Day and more! Keep posting about special days of celebration to keep your pages active. Clinics should focus on events like  world spine day, International correct posture month and other applicable dats to get your audience engaged.

Awareness-raising posts: Our Marketing Movement team suggests that healthcare workers post about the importance of regular health checkups, knee follow-ups, and other preventive measures to lessen the chance of injury or severe issues.

Healthcare-oriented posts: Any physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic service should educate followers about their health. From injury and prevention to nutrition and more, help your clients be better versions of themselves.

How to plan a clinic page’s social media calendar

Make your social media content easy with a social media calendar (or ask us to do it for you!). Figure out what you want to post and when, so you can schedule your posts in each month. It saves time and that way you don’t have to think about what to post when! Here at

Marketing Movement, we provide marketing services for allied health professionals in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia (and in fact the globe!) to help you attract more audiences.

Be in touch with authoritative chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy brands on social sites

It’s always nice to share content from experts in your field. cannot only will you  stay updated with the latest info in chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy services, but it helps your reputation to share posts from authotities in your field. We do this ourselves at Marketing Movement and recommend all businesses have a nice variety of posts.

Know what your pages are doing

Besides engaging in quality conversation with your followers, you also need to  look for ways to attract more followers. Analytics is key to this. You can check both Facebook and Insta analytics, but also tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot (or similar) will help you monitor your content, and tell you what your audiences like best!

Chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy hashtags

#Hashtags! It’s an open secret that popular hashtags can help your posts gain more popularity on social media. It applies to healthcare marketing content as well. Relevant hashtags help you reach out to your target audience, so whether you’re a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist, search your key hashtags and use them!.