Promoting your services is a huge part of your mission to help people as a health practitioner. While your goal to help your patients is your top priority, it’s important to adopt the best healthcare marketing practices to allow patients to find you first! Here at Marketing Movement, we get it. Healthcare professionals are knowledge-rich but time poor. Finding the time to employ tried and tested marketing strategies between running your clinic and helping your patients can be difficult. If you do manage to find the time, you soon realise that marketing is a full-time job. Plus, you may lack the expertise required to market your business successfully to your target market.

Enter Healthcare Marketing Agencies

This is where healthcare marketing agencies come in. Finding the right one is tough, but before that, you need to focus on what these agencies are capable of. Will they help connect you to your customer? Will they represent your business and showcase it in a positive and professional light? Can they provide custom marketing solutions for health professionals? The short answer is, they absolutely can… IF you choose the right one.

The Role of Marketing Agencies

The role of healthcare marketing agencies is to boost the presence of your practice in the digital space. These agencies will help to market and showcase your services, clinic and the benefits of both to attract new patients.This includes tasks such as social media management, website creation and SEO (search engine optimisation). It could also involve running advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram to generate interest around your clinic location.

Why are Website Improvements Important?

Alongside improving the overall look and feel of your website, healthcare marketing agencies will also ensure it is functioning properly. What does this mean? It means improving your SEO to make sure that your website is visible on search engines such as Google. Examples of keywords used in SEO include “SEO for chiropractic services in Perth, SEO for allied health professionals in Perth, and SEO for physio marketing services in Perth”. But it’s more than just keyword usage. Your marketing agency will develop strategies to optimise your website so it functions well on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc.). Which is important, as over 50% of the worlds web traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Strategic Planning

Your clinic will need strategies for creating online brand awareness. This includes generating leads, educating patients and engaging the community. Therefore, it’s important to find a marketing professional that can dedicate time and energy to your business strategy. Healthcare professionals are dealing with enough stress providing the best care for their patients. Very few doctors and allied health professionals can devote themselves to search engine optimisation (SEO) or new patient acquisition. Trust us, we get it. After all, it’s why Marketing Movement was created!

Digital marketing is important, but it can be overwhelming. Especially if this task is being done by the same medical professionals who are seeing patients day-in, day-out. They do not have time to brainstorm, research, create and implement custom marketing services for their clinic. That is why hiring an agency is recommended, as they can do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Reasons Why Your Clinic Needs to Have a Digital Presence 

Brand Awareness

To have an outstanding reputation, you need to get your name out there. Targeted ads in newspapers, television, and radio ads help, but they can be very expensive (and not necessarily successful). Unless your clinic is extremely lucky, you need an online presence to succeed. Getting a degree and a hard-earned qualification is no easy feat, but in today’s digital age, you need to add proactive marketing to your toolbelt too. Patients nowadays trust word-of-mouth and online reviews before they choose a clinic. The right digital marketing ensures that they can find your clinic as easily and quickly as possible.

Patient Accessibility

Using the power of social media, combined with a well-functioning website, your business is made available to more customers than ever before. With ongoing SEO improvements and up-to-date landing pages featuring your current promotions, patients can book directly from their device. Never before have businesses been able to place themselves in front of their target market so quickly. Your clinic is just a click away!

Trust and Expertise

Establishing your clinic as a professional and knowledgeable business will help to build trust between yourself and your future patients. Regular, informative articles and blogs will help to educate your audience and build trust. Alongside this, regular social media posts can achieve the same result. Both of these efforts help to build trust in your expertise and boost brand awareness at the same time.

If you’re looking to increase or simply refine your digital marketing efforts this year, contact us to learn more. Our small but mighty team are always here to help and will be happy to go through your options and explain how we can improve your digital presence.


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