A strong online presence is essential for success in every industry in the 21st century, and healthcare is no different. Often, in this competitive field, all it takes is a clever strategy to give you an edge over your competitors. But, it all begins with a plan, so let’s help you create the perfect social media strategy!

Creating a social media strategy

A strong social media strategy is essential for any business, as platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enable SEO for allied health professionals in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and other busy cities around the globe to connect with their patients. Alongside connection, these social strategies let them know important clinic information. Business are able to share consultation times, facts about their business and treatment methods. Trending topics and hashtags are important tools to consider when creating your social media strategy, which will help to increase engagement (an incredibly important social media metric). So, where do you start?

Where to begin…

Share information

Think of your social media presence as an ‘online business card’. Social media also acts as a form of digital word-of-mouth advertising, so feel free to share helpful information with your followers. This can be done through direct messages, comments or hyperlinks (noting that at present, Instagram doesn’t support links – however, Facebook does).

Highlight differences

Consider what makes your clinic different from your competitors and focus on this. Whether it’s your facilities, treatment options, holistic approach, skilled staff, varied services, price point, location. Whatever makes you memorable to your potential clients is what you should showcase online.

Form a brand kit

Last but definitely not least, form a brand kit! Representing your business online shouldn’t be a “quick, we forgot to post this month, just pop anything up!” situation. Consider your clients, think about font choices and your brand colours. Overlay your logo to reinforce your brand identity. Word your captions well and edit to remove grammatical issues or spelling mistakes. All of these help to form a first impression, and first impressions count!

social media strategy for health businesses

Here are the top ways you can enhance your online presence as a health care practitioner


The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is no less relevant in the world of social media. In fact, it is even more relevant as the Internet is now home to every man, woman and child who like to educate themselves on their health and wellbeing. Consider informing your audience and educating them about hot topics around the world. Such as an image along with text posted on a social media site regarding vaping might draw traffic to your page. Adding a link to a reputable source which backs up your view will help to create a trusted relationship with your audience. If mutual trust is established, they are likely to check your posts and enable your content to move higher in the algorithm.

Why is education important?

People expect health care experts to share their expertise and educate the masses. Your strategy must include the sharing of educational materials, which range from studies to blogs to informative posts. Feel free to pass on articles from trustworthy sources. However, if your team was not involved in creating this content, be sure to check the facts and reference accordingly. Your followers will hold you accountable for everything you post, whether you created it or not – so fact checking is always worth the extra 10 minutes!


Whether it’s an event held at your practice or a local event you support or encourage – promote your business in affiliation to like-minded events. This helps to engage your followers and boost the sense of community within your network. You’ll be seen as a real local business who cares – which is important. Make sure to do your research though, as promoting an event hosted by a politician who may have conflicting views to your business, for example, could do more harm than good.

Use your brand kit!

People know you for your brand. You are what you represent through your logo, font, colours and overall vibe. Social media is the transport that takes your brand to new patients, so it’s important to always represent your brand professionally.

Showcase your values!

Share posts that appeal to the human element using storytelling (e.g. showing the incredible recovery of someone who was told could never walk again). This will showcase your values beyond

Be proud of who you are!

Highlight team accomplishments to show appreciation to your staff, while showing your followers that you care. Kind highlights, like posting when a member of your team wins an award, enhances the trust between you and your staff. It also helps to reinforce the beautiful team environment you’ve created to your followers.

If you’d like a hand creating the perfect social media strategy, contact us at Marketing Movement. Our team are passionate about taking brands to new heights. We love finding out what makes you different from your competitors and working together to achieve your business goals. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new social media strategy!

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