If you’re a small business owner, you’ll understand how important social media marketing is. However, running a business and trying to manage a social media presence can be difficult. We totally understand this at Marketing Movement, so it’s our mission to help you make social media easier. There are three easy things you can be doing to enhance your digital presence: 

1. Plan your social media content. 

Most business owners say they don’t use a strategy when implementing digital marketing. However, most consumers say they will only follow brands who post interesting and engaging content.

You don’t have to write a detailed marketing plan, but implementing a bit of strategy can work wonders for your digital marketing. Make a plan for the week, or the month, with around two content ideas per week to start, to ensure you keep on top of your social media presence. This will ensure your posts are consistent and relevant – two very important factors for consumers when they go to follow your page. 

Planning can also ensure you don’t miss out on posting for important events or dates such as the Queen’s Birthday Holiday, or Christmas. If you want to take the hassle out of planning, writing and posting content, check out our relevant and ready-to-go monthly content packages.

2. Share a recently published post to your story.

Stories are a great way to reach audience members that might not be seeing your content, as they are chronological and don’t often get lost in the algorithm. Stories can also create a sense of urgency among your audience as they allow you to share photos or videos as they happen. 

When you are confident with sharing already published content to your story, you can level up by posting images of your staff or yourself. Modern consumers crave connection, so showing your staff in action makes for engaging content. Stories are a great way to cut through the clutter and reach your audience in an easily digestible way.

3. Use community outreach.

Community outreach can be a great way to reach new clients in your area. A great way to start is to invite your friends to “Like” your business Facebook page. Likes are fantastic for helping your page reach more people. 

Another way you can engage your community is to join Facebook groups in your area. Search for groups like “[Your Location] Questions and Answers” and “[Your Location] Community Noticeboard”, and join groups like these. These groups are great to keep your eye on, as there will be plenty of opportunities to connect posters with your products/services when posters ask for recommendations. 

Know a local bakery in your area? Try commenting and liking local businesses’ Facebook and Instagram posts. Liking and engaging with local businesses in your area is a great tool for driving traffic to your page, and it can encourage them to support your page too! Wanting someone to do this for you? Check out our retainer packages

Social media is an important tool for small businesses to grow and reach a wider audience. Planning your content, posting stories and reaching out to your community are fantastic ways you can enhance your social presence. However, when you don’t have time to devote to your social media marketing, it can become a chore. If you need help managing and enhancing your social media marketing presence, get in touch today. Contact us.

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