If you’re a small business owner, you know how involved marketing can be. Throw into the mix digital marketing and you have a world of possibilities. However, this means there are many areas to “go wrong”. Without an understanding of how digital marketing works can leave you feeling confused and frustrated. We’ve compiled a list of the most important digital marketing statistics for small business owners to make it simple to make decisions about digital marketing.

Numbers don’t lie. There are certain things to be wary of when venturing into the digital landscape.

Our top stats:

  • Health-focused websites have a bounce rate of only 20%. The term ‘Bounce rate’ refers to the percentage of single-page website visits on your site by customers. If a customer leaves after only visiting one page, the bounce rate suggests that your site may be low quality or displeasing to the consumer. A high bounce rate would be anything above 60%, therefore, health-focused websites have a relatively low bounce rate.
  • Websites with higher bounce rates are more likely to be ranked poorly by google. The reason your website might have a high bounce rate is due to the content displayed on your website. If the content takes too long to load, a customer will be impatient and leave. If a customer can’t find what they’re looking for straight away, they will leave. There are many reasons for a customer to leave your site, so making sure your site layout is practical and informative is your best bet.
  • An average user views 2.17 pages per website visit on desktop, and 1.88 on mobile. Mobile users are often more impatient than desktop users, so optimising your website for mobile view is important.
    53% of visitors leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This statistic is important! If your website takes a millisecond more than three seconds to load, you can potentially lose heaps of potential clients. Moreover, Google often places slow websites lower in their search ranking. Therefore, it is really important to leave web design to the professionals. If you think your website load speed is concerning, let us know!
  • 96% of users check social media at home, whilst 43% of users check on public transport and 35% of people check at work. This is why scheduling times to post your content is important. In order for your posts to achieve maximum engagement, posting in the times when your consumers will be at home, or on public transport is important.
  • Globally, customers and businesses exchange over 20 billion messages each month. If your business isn’t active on messenger, or you find it too difficult to reply instantly to customer queries, you should consider turning on “Automatic replies” in Facebook. You can customise a message to automatically send to consumers to let them know you will get back to them as soon as you can.
  • 7 million businesses globally use Facebook for business advertising purposes. Facebook Ads are incredibly popular for business due to their effectiveness and relatively cheap costs per result. If you’re considering using Facebook Ads for your business, get in touch today to discuss your options!
  • Instagram stories are viewed, created and interacted with by 500 million people every day. Do you utilise the Instagram story function? Stories can reach more of your consumers than your regular scheduled posts do, and they can be much easier and faster to create.
  • 63% of users visit Instagram every day. Not all users check Instagram every day, so staggering your posts throughout the week can ensure they’re reaching unique audience bases each time.
  • Instagram posts with a tagged location receive almost 80% more engagement. Geo-tagging, or tagging the location of your photo can increase your engagement. You might consider doing this when you visit a funky new café, however, it’s actually something you should be doing with your business’ posts. Tagging your location reminds your consumers where you’re located, and can help your posts be shown to a more local audience in places like the Instagram explore page. Geo-tagging is easy and effective- so give it a try when you’re drafting your next post!

At Marketing Movement, we’re here to help digital marketing become accessible to small businesses. Chat with us today about our hassle-free and budget friendly digital marketing solutions.

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