When you think of digital marketing you probably think of ads, sponsored posts and paid promotion. However, non-sponsored content is far more important than you would think! Non-paid marketing activities are often underestimated as a tool for bringing in customers. In fact, one in three consumers inspects a brand’s social media presence before making a purchase. Therefore, it is incredibly important to allow for non-sponsored content in your digital marketing strategy.

In marketing, we call your non-sponsored posts your “organic” presence. This includes:

  • blog posts,
  • emails or e-newsletters,
  • videos,
  • photos,
  • quotes,
  • or any other type of post that doesn’t include paid promotion.

Posting organic content is important for your business as it helps to develop trust between you and your audience. Moreover, it can help to humanise your business, and foster a sense of community, which is attractive to both current and potential clients. Organic content keeps your business fresh in your consumers minds by keeping it in their newsfeeds (which they spend roughly an hour and a half on each day!). Three key reasons why non-sponsored content is important:

1. Publishing regular organic content builds trust.

Trust building digital marketing activities are particularly important for your potential clients. These customers can’t physically see your shop front, and have no way to verify that your business is real! Organic content helps to gain the trust of your consumers by providing an important insight into your business. In fact, over 50% of customers are more likely to trust brands that post engaging, relevant and timely content to their digital channels. Moreover, organic content can be just as important for your current clients. Posting regular non-sponsored content helps to engage your clients and keeps your brand image fresh in their mind. Attention is retention!

2. Posting organic content humanises your business.

As consumers, we do business with people we like, trust, and ultimately feel connected to. People form close bonds with the brands they feel connected to. Posting organic content can be particularly engaging for potential clients that have no experience with your brand. When implementing a digital marketing strategy, best practice is to incorporate engaging facts, quotes and information on areas of interest that relate to your brand. We do this with many of our clients, by developing interesting and engaging content and alongside a personalised strategy on a monthly basis. Personalisation is also important to consider here. Personalisation helps to humanise your online presence and is as easy as capturing a picture or video of your team in action. A good organic presence combines both interesting non-sponsored content and personalised imagery, to humanise your business and foster beneficial relationships between your business and clients online.

3. Posting regular organic content keeps your brand image fresh.

Regularly updating your channels with engaging and relevant content is incredibly important for retention of clients. This can include posting a monthly blog, sending an email, or updating your Facebook or Instagram account weekly. Consumers spend roughly an hour and a half on social media each day, and check platforms like Facebook at least 29 times per week. This means, if your brand’s content appears in their feeds at least once a week, your brand image will remain solid in your consumers’ minds! The next time your clients think about booking a service, your business will be the first thing that pops into their head! For brand awareness’ sake, posting regularly on social media is one of the most cost-efficient marketing activities you can undertake.

Non-sponsored content should be part of your digital marketing strategy, alongside paid ads. Combining personal content with relevant facts and quotes will ensure you have a well-rounded organic presence. This highlights trust, professionality and experience. But it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming – talk to us today about our customisable packages and bespoke digital marketing solutions. Happy posting!

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