Confused about social media? You’re not the only one! According to a recent survey, many small business owners are frustrated by constant changes in the social media landscape. It seems like there is constantly a trend to keep up with, or a new platform to figure out. It can be difficult to make decisions on how to best utilise social media for business results. However, here at Marketing Movement, our business is taking care of your business on social media.

But where should you start? That’s easy! Nine out of ten businesses start on Facebook, with Instagram and LinkedIn following. We’ll also discuss one of the most popular social media sites in the world right now: Tik Tok. Stats show that consumers expect businesses to be on social media, so if you don’t have a presence, your consumers might look elsewhere!

Let’s break them down!


The gist

Facebook is one of the first platforms your consumers will look for you on. Post types include images, videos, paragraphs of text, reviews, offers, links and livestream videos. Facebook is also great for posting ads which can drive traffic to your website.

  • All ages (most active group is between the ages of 18 and 49)
  • Male and female (females tend to be more active)
  • Urban and rural
  • Access via mobile device mainly
Business use
  • Posting engaging and relevant content
  • Creating adverts or special offers
  • Engaging with clients
  • Publishing a portfolio of your work for potential clients to see
  • Posting contact and location details for potential clients


The gist

Instagram is fantastic for gyms, dance studios, spas and can also be used for AHP clinics as it is an incredibly visual-dominated platform. Post types include images, videos, livestream videos and impromptu “story” content. And people and places are found using account names and hashtags.

  • 18-34 year old age group
  • Male and female
  • Rural and urban
  • Interested in health, well-being, exercise
Business use
  • Posting interesting and visually appealing content with relevant hashtags
  • Featuring products or services (Instagram users love to shop!)
  • Posting videos of services in action
  • Announcing appointment availability or product restocking


The Gist

LinkedIn is known as Facebook’s professional sibling due to its similarities with the social media giant. This app is better suited to networking or hiring new employees rather than engaging clients. LinkedIn is still great to have if you’re hiring or just wanting to build referral relationships!

  • 25-49 year old age group
  • Male and female
  • Professionals
  • Mostly urban
Business use
  • Networking
  • Hiring new employees
  • Creating business relationships, like referral partners

Tik Tok

The Gist

Tik Tok is a popular video sharing app in which users can create, share and engage with popular short videos on a range of topics. Tik Tok is mostly used by the public, however, businesses have seen popularity on Tik Tok for their participation in comedic or interest-based trends.

  • 16-24 year old age group
  • Male and female
  • Urban and rural
  • Values comedy and entertainment
Business use

Search your profession in Tik Tok’s hashtags to find some fantastic inspiration on how to use Tik Tok for business. Yes, even AHP professionals are popular on Tik Tok – particularly chiropractors! If you want to “keep it basic” however, Tik Tok might not be the platform for you. Tik Tok can give you an awesome competitive advantage and has the potential to make your business stand out among a younger consumer group, but of course, you need the time to put into it.

Final thoughts

Social media is a small business’ best friend, but it can be confusing! If you need a hassle free solution to your social media marketing needs, just reach out! We love helping small businesses reach their goals at Marketing Movement. After all, our business is helping your business.

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