Content marketing is a cost effective and highly engaging means of direct communication with your audience. It can be used as education or entertainment, and keeps your brand fresh in your consumer’s minds. Content marketing is a part of an ongoing marketing strategy, and requires devotion on your part as a business owner. However, your clients are most likely to see you on social media before they see you anywhere else! So, it’s important to think carefully about the direction of your content marketing activities.

As with anything on the internet, once you publish your content, it’s out there for your audience to see! Although there isn’t a right or wrong way to inform your strategy, we suggest avoiding these three most common content marketing mistakes:

  1. Your posts aren’t engaging

Clients will follow your page because they want to keep informed on your practice and profession. Your social posts should be informative or entertaining, and have a clear purpose. They should also be a mix of fun and educational posts, and clinic happenings. Otherwise, your clients won’t be compelled to engage with your posts. Health tips, clinic news and other entertainment based content such as memes are particularly engaging to your followers on social media.

Our best piece of advice is: do what you know, well! For example, if you are passionate about yoga or stretching, your followers might enjoy a quick video demonstration or image. The easiest way to check what your most engaging content topics are is to count the engagements (shares, comments, likes) on your posts and compare (both Facebook and Instagram have reports for this!). Engaging content can be hard to master. Our content packs make it easy and affordable to perfect your content strategy. Check them out here.

  1. You’re posting at the wrong place or time

Time and place are everything on social media! Making sure the platform you’re posting to is relevant to your audience is a quick and easy fix. If you’re targeting a younger audience, try Instagram, if you’re targeting an older audience, Facebook is your go-to! Want to know the most relevant platform and how your channels are performing? We can provide you with an analysis. Learn more here.

Regardless of the platform, time is super important! We suggest scheduling your content during commuter times or after business hours. This is usually between 7.30 and 9am, 12 and 1.30pm, and 4 and 6.30pm. Often night-time works well too (for those in-bed scrollers). This isn’t a hard and fast rule, and of course it depends on your audience. If you’re next door to a hospital, then shift-workers may be your key audience – in this case, find out the most common shift times and post outside of those hours. Knowing your audience is key!

  1. Your presence isn’t personalised

Personalising your message is the key to engagement! If you are a current subscriber, adding your clinic number or website to the post, or signing off as one of your staff can increase engagement (and directs your clients to the right place!). Posting a photo or video with your staff increases engagement in your followers who are current clients, and allows your new clients to feel acquainted with your practice. Another great way to engage clients is through communicating relevant offers or recommendations through email – consumers are 91% more likely to engage with these methods. Personalisation can take dedication and time, so if you don’t have the resources, check out our personalised packages, aimed at making your content marketing hassle free.

Getting content marketing right can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! At Marketing Movement, we offer a range of content marketing packages aimed at enhancing your audience’s engagement. Speak to us today about our budget friendly or personalised packages sure to make your social media presence stands out.

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