It’s a strange time as we’re seeing restrictions starting to be gradually lifted. As life (kind of) returns to normal, it can be expected that business might not return to its former glory too fast. It can be an overwhelming process if you’re a business owner, especially as you want your appointment numbers to get back to normal. You might have certain questions about the best way to announce you are reopened, or how to communicate with your referrers now that things are returning to normal.

Covid-19 has certainly had its economic effects, and here at Marketing Movement, we aim to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

The best communications strategy is a proactive strategy, so if you’re lost on where to start, our tips will help you hit the ground running.

1. Consider advertising on social media.

Where are your clients spending majority of their time in lock-down? Online! Social and digital media as a channel of brand awareness was increasingly popular before Covid-19, but if you weren’t a believer before, you definitely are now! There are plenty of low budget options, however it’s also important to consider the benefits of paid advertising on digital and social media. Paid digital advertising is a great lead generation tool and can be a good supplement when you need to reach a wider audience with a controlled message. You can even tailor who sees your ad, such as those within a certain geographic region. You’ll be getting your appointments filled again in no time. If you don’t know where to start, reach out – we’re here to help you. Contact us here.

2. Post to Facebook community groups.

Think about your personal profile. How do you keep in-tune with what’s going on in your community? You might like to join a Facebook community group, where people from your community post announcements and alerts. Everyone likes to ‘keep in the loop’, so your actual and potential clients will appreciate you making a post in your local community groups. A simple ‘we’re open’ announcement will be effective, but be careful not to bombard these pages, as this can turn potential clients off your business. Genuine communication is the goal here. You can also let them know what things you can help treat that they might have visited a hospital or GP for, helping to free up medical resources for those who need it. Always be sure to check the rules of the group first to find out what you’re allowed to post. Some communities have groups specific for local small businesses. And some groups only allow you to join as yourself (rather than your business page), so again, make sure you check the rules, and don’t spam.

3. Keep in contact with referrers.

Referral relationships are incredibly important at the moment, and will be even more important as life gradually returns to normal. Sending a quick letter or email to your referrers will ensure that they know you’re open and operating. It might sound old school, but it will keep your clinic fresh in their mind, and help you fill your appointment times. Make it personal! Including their name at the top will act as a call to action. Don’t forget your doctors, specialists, sports clubs and others.

content marketing for appointments4. Content is king!

Ever heard that one before? They don’t say it for no reason – content marketing is one of the best budget-friendly social media solutions (see for yourself). There’s no better platform to publish your message at the moment. And engaging with your clients now will bring loyalty far into the future. Keep your social media presence fresh with new content at least twice a week. Publishing blogs and sending out client emails is a great way to keep your clients informed as well. By doing this, you’re ensuring your brand name is top of mind for your clients. Even if you’re closed, content marketing is the best way to keep your clients engaged and loyal to your clinic. Don’t have the time? Or maybe you just don’t like writing and designing content? Check out a budget friendly solution here.

5. Lend a helping hand.

If it’s financially viable to do so, helping the community in this time can help spread positive word of mouth about your brand. It can help to strengthen the relationship you have with existing clients. And reach out with a strong impression for potential clients. Not only does it feel good to help your community, it can provide a return on investment for your business. Some suggestions are:

  • hold a free (or reduced cost) zoom health class for retirement homes or schools (check your insurance)
  • collect hampers for front-line medical staff
  • help get local sporting teams on their feet by sponsoring them somehow

Spreading positive word of mouth among your community is fantastic for brand credibility and trustworthiness. This usually results in more appointments. If you have an idea, but you would like help with implementation, we’d love to help out.


As business returns to normal, there is no reason your client list and appointments can’t! We’re experiencing unprecedented times at the moment, so if you would like further assistance with developing a plan of attack, we at Marketing Movement are here to help you.

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