Have you thought about your business goals for this year yet? January is the perfect time to start planning for the year ahead, and if marketing wasn’t important for you in 2020, it sure will be in 2021!

There’s no doubt 2020 put a dent in the wallet. So as we start to come out of the financial and business restrictions of the pandemic, marketing will be the leg up that you need to make 2021 your best year yet. Endeavour to keep your clients happy and the rest will follow! To do this, you need to reach and communicate with your current and potential clients and keep them engaged and informed about your business.

Our four marketing must do’s are all about getting your business in front of new and existing clients in an effective and budget friendly manner! You should:

Post regularly on social media.

This is important for two reasons: engaging current clients and attracting new clients. Social media engagement is a great tool for retention of current clients. What’s better- it’s incredibly cost effective! Upholding a consistent and streamlined presence on social media contributes greatly to the positive perception of your brand in potential clients’ minds. It can also promote professionalism and give you a competitive edge against competitors in your area.

Social media can act as an attractive portfolio for new clients, thus helping your potential clients to feel comfortable and informed about your brand image. We spend an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes on social media per day, so it’s no surprise why keeping an active presence on social media can be beneficial for your brand. Brand awareness is KEY, even when leads are not the priority. Being top of mind for consumers is important, as when they decide to utilise services within your industry, you’ll be the first call they make.

Invest in paid social media advertising.

Paid advertising is the way to go if you want to ensure your business is being seen on social media. Every four posts on Facebook is an advert. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites for all ages. Facebook adverts are a fool-proof way to bring in new leads and keep your business moving. With an average cost-per-click at under a dollar, social media advertising can have a great return on investment. And of course, don’t forget Google Ads – an investment in Google ads help attract high quality leads/clients. Those that are already looking for your service, can be swayed to click your website over your competitors with Google Ads.

Keep your website fresh, easily findable, and up to date.

There’s nothing more frustrating as a consumer than being mis-lead by your website. Your opening hours, location or service offering might have changed in 2020. Make sure this is updated on your website and Google – it’s essential! Currently, upward of 90% of people find local businesses using online means. Making sure your clients can find you online is important. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in! SEO makes sure your business is shown first to consumers on Google. 92% of people don’t look past the first page on Google. This means that if a consumer searches for you, and you’re not on the first page of results, they’ll look to competitors. There are many options with SEO, and it may seem overwhelming. However, regular website maintenance in the form of updating a monthly blog (with keywords) is a great way to start.

Touch base with your clients regularly.

Making regular contact with your clients ensures they are kept informed about promotions, news, and business updates. Keeping your clients informed means that your business is consistently kept at top-of-mind. Sending a regular email is a great way to do this. This requires commitment and time. However, it can be incredibly effective for keeping your clients engaged and informed about your business.

Investing in your digital marketing is one of the best things you can do for your business in 2021. The best time to start is TODAY! Check out our digital and social media packages and improve your digital marketing journey today. Cheers to a successful new year!

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