Building a connection with your audience on social media is one of the most important aspects of your business. Many people think that social media is impersonal when it comes to this; the truth is you just have to do it the right way. When you’ve achieved it, it allows you to engage with your clients and potential clients, which builds loyalty, trust and retention.

It can be challenging to find fresh social media content ideas when you’re busy running around and doing your work. So we thought we’d help take that pressure off and we came up with five ideas that are quick and easy for you to help build that connection.

1. Mini case studies of your patients

These types of posts highlight your work ethic, as well as giving them insight as to what services you provide and how they too can go about getting in touch with you. Remember, you can’t post recommendations or testimonials from patients, as per AHPRA’s guidelines, so the case studies need to be fact-based. And if you use a photo of your client, make sure you have their permission!

2. Staff birthdays

Birthday posts for employees is a great way to introduce your employees to your followers. It’s a fun way to give each employee a day of fame within the company, and put their face out there! Faces build trust, and when followers know the faces behind the business, it’s easier to engage. How do I do this post? Depending on your brand, you could do a funny post (i.e. an employee wearing a big birthday badge or holding a funny sign), or a simple professional post (i.e. a nice photo of your staff member with lovely birthday wishes).

3. Holidays

Whether you encourage your employees to dress up for Book Week or if everyone is looking festive at the company Christmas party, holidays are the perfect time to snap a photo or video to share on your social media. Some of our go-to posts are for Easter (did someone say chocolate), Mother’s and Father’s Day and Australia Day to name a few. Overall, the point is to show your followers the distinct ways your company celebrates the holidays and show your fun side.

4. Behind the scenes look

Behind-the-scenes content is showing your followers what’s happening behind the brand they love like the culture, management, staff, and everyday workings of the business. Sharing behind-the-scenes content is a way to showcase transparency and help your audience trust you. Staff meeting? Take a snap! Got a new piece of equipment? Take a photo of one of your staff using it… You can use this for anything – product placements, gifts from clients, award wins, CPD and more!

5. Team Lunches

Not every post you share on your platform has to be a major event; it could be as simple as a few employees getting together to eat lunch at a new restaurant in town. It’s important that you find reasons to celebrate even the little things on social media, things that keep everyone in good spirits and re-energizes them for the workday. Maybe, post a picture of this bonding time between workers (and if you can plug a local business as well, that’s great for local networking and referrals), plus it’s nice to promote #shoplocal.

Most importantly, what we can take away from all these posts is, that customers want to put faces to names and it’s important to be real. Being authentic will help build these connections with your followers and clients (potential and existing), leading to a more trusting and reputable company, which in turn means more engagement, more new clients and more retention.

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