There are various marketing channels out there that are overlooked when it comes to helping you boost awareness and traffic to your business. Below we will discuss the top five marketing channels that we think are overlooked and how you can make these channels work for you.

Messaging platforms

Our online communities value engagement, especially engagement that is convenient and timely. Consumers like using platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, as they are familiar with them! Moreover, consumers are choosing these platforms because of their convenience, as they can message a business outside of working hours. The company can reply when they choose, which is often fairly quickly online. In a world of instant gratification, this makes consumers happy.

You can set up instant messaging responses, and these days, your messenger can chat with a client for you. It gets their details for a booking without you even knowing — they’re called Chatbots! If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out

Word of mouth

This is a great way for businesses to create buzz around their work without paying for marketing. It’s commonly known that potential customers will trust fellow customers over marketing experts or business owners, as they’re more independent. However, remember that consumers will only recommend your services if you have successfully met their needs. Word of mouth helps promote your product or service to generate sales — especially in a world where AHPRA regulations prohibit you from having reviews on your website or social platforms.

So how do you get word of mouth moving? 1. Deliver fantastic service. 2. Know your clients — engage with them. Build loyalty. Take an interest in their life, and ask about it next time you see them. Ensure your online engagement is friendly, and that your reply to comments online.

Your blogs

Companies with an active blog are 13 times more likely to receive a positive return on investment. Blogs also help businesses create credibility as well as generate quality leads. Blogs also let you integrate different content on your site — try question forums, videos, graphics, quizzes and more! Relate them to your work, and make sure your professionalism and personality shine through.

Social media

So many potential clients we speak to say “I don’t really use social media — I don’t know how and I don’t have time”. What a missed opportunity! Social media is a great chance for you to connect with your clients and potential clients on a more personal level; it gives you the opportunity to give a sneak peek behind the scenes. It’s easy to forget the power of social media as a marketing tool but with 2.7 billion social media users across the globe today, these platforms provide a great base to publish engaging videos, interact with followers and post content that directs clients to your own pages and websites.

It’s clear that all these channels can help your business grow both on and off-line. So whether you take some time to learn more about them, or hire an expert, make sure you dive into these marketing channels, and build your business.

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