So long are the days where your news feed was in chronological order and you were able to keep a check on all things friends. Goodbye to having your business posts shown on most of your followers’ feeds! Now, welcome to the times where Facebook alters what we see and when we see it. And that is why Facebook ads have become so important – we need them to get our brand or service in front of potential clients.

If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into the Facebook ad pool, it’s time to jump in and start swimming! Below are a few tips to help you create your ultimate Facebook Ad.

Getting your aim right

There are many outcomes when creating a Facebook ad. And to create a successful ad it’s important to understand what your ad’s purpose is. Is the ad to generate website clicks, Facebook engagement or maybe it’s for lead generation (or more)?

What’s the difference? A lead generation campaign will get details of potential clients for you to contact directly. You might offer a deal to get them to come in, or offer opportunities to connect through newsletter subscriptions, discounts and contests. Lead generation campaigns are some of the most successful type of ads to convert to sales, as most people are more likely to share their personal information if there is a good incentive.

Website clicks direct people to your website (with the aim of converting them into sales). We use web clicks a lot for allied health and dance clients. And a Facebook engagement outcome will help attract more people to ‘like’ your page. There are many other outcomes you can choose when creating your ad, so have a think about what it is you’re trying to do, before you start.

Get your audience right

It’s important when planning your ads that you have a clear understanding of who your audience is. What do they enjoy seeing on Facebook? How old are they? Where do they live? What demographics are unique to them?

Having a clear defined audience will let you tailor your ads to reach your target market. It is also important to remember not to completely section yourself off to a specific audience as this could create a niche market and limit the performance of your ad. It’s all about getting the right balance!

Getting your words and images right

When using Facebook, users tend to continuously scroll through their news feed where multiple Facebook ads appear. So it’s important to create ads that command attention. Using the right images and choice of words are great techniques to help make your ad stand out against the rest on our news feed. Facebook users tend to favour images over text. Use images that grab your attention with bright, complementary colours, appropriate to your business. Don’t put too much text in the image either (Facebook doesn’t like that). Instead use the text in the post to explain your offer, service or benefits. An emoji or two doesn’t go astray either!

Getting the right help

If it’s in your budget, hire a professional. We speak from experience. Facebook ads can be complicated, especially when trying to research your audience. We see so many businesses come in with failing ads because they’re using the wrong outcome, have ineffective photos or text, or just don’t understand their audience demographics and interests – or they do but can’t translate that into their Facebook ad set-up. As professionals, we help get the most out of your ads, by tailoring everything to your needs.

Facebook ads help bring attention to your page or website and allow you to be seen by a variety of people across a staggering amount of demographics, interests and locations. Many believe that Facebook Ads are a hassle and not worth the pain. Well yes they can be time-consuming and a little hassle if you’re unfamiliar with them, but they are worth the pain!

Digital marketing is the future, so you may as well jump in now… Sink or swim? I know which we’d prefer!

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