Increasing followers on Facebook requires constant work. There is a big difference between interest in your page and following your page and it’s the first steps in this process that are crucial for getting new followers and keeping them. So we’ve compiled some ideas for you to implement in your clinic or studio, to increase those followers and keep them!

1.Run a Competition

Running a competition brings multiple benefits. It’s a chance for you to build your community and use a prize as an incentive for them to engage with you. While many people use a share or tag feature on a facebook competition post to boost engagement, sadly it’s not allowed. Facebook rules say no and they’ll punish you for it via showing your post to less people (or you can even be banned). Instead, encourage people to comment themselves. You can ask people nicely to also share your post, but you can’t make it part of the entering process. You also can’t ask people for their name/phone number/email in exchange for an entry – that’s a no no.

For example, “Win an Easter chocolate hamper! To enter, comment below with your favourite type of chocolate. While you don’t have to like our page to enter, that’s where we’ll be announcing our winner, so it’s worth a thumbs up! Feel free to hit the share button below to share this with your friends.” You’ve stated the competition, what they have to do to enter (in line with FB’s rules), and asked nicely for a page like, but have stated it’s not necessary to enter.

It’s also super important to include that the terms and conditions for the competition can be found on your website (“T&C’s at”). This is an AHPRA rule, Facebook recommendation and it’s another way to bring traffic to your website.

Alternatively, advertise the competition in your clinic and ask your receptionist to inform each patient as they come in for an appointment. If you’re advertising away from Facebook, you can stipulate the entry rules require them to like your page (just don’t do it ON Facebook). If you go down this route, mention (in your T&C’s) that people need to have their ‘page likes’ setting as public so you can see that they’ve liked your page. Generally speaking, most people have this set up as standard.

2.Flyers and Posters

Facebook is a highly visual channel, so use those elements in your clinic. Posters and flyers help catch the attention of clients, and provide a stark difference among the word jungle. Hang them in your clinic, letting people know you’re on Facebook and how they can like your page. Or give each patient a business card at the end of their treatment with your Facebook address and how to like your page. You could do this concurrently with running a competition, and have the comp details on the card also! It’s another way to get around the tough Facebook rules.

Flyers and posters are a great option if you’re looking for a cheap way to gain followers, as you can do it in-house for no or little cost. Or, of course, you can hire someone for a small fee to create your poster/flyer for you. I still recommend that you ask your receptionist to tell every client that comes in that you’re on Facebook and ask them to like your page.

3.Facebook Advertising

One of the most effective and influential ways to gain followers on Facebook is to utilise their feature for Ads. Facebook Advertising is all self driven – you choose the objective of your goal, you choose how much you spend on the ads. Having the freedom to choose all these decisions give you the power to decide what you’re willing to commit and gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your price per ad and stop your ad without a fee.

With the use of Facebook’s targeting features it gives you ability to create an ad that reaches certain characteristics like age and location. It also gives you an indication of potential reach for your ads, allowing you to alter and change specific details in order to help gain the highest reach potential.

Whilst it may seem that increasing followers on your Facebook may be of little significance to many people, it provides you and your company with a great way to boost awareness of who your company is and what services you provide. It has potential to drive traffic to your website and may result in sales. If you’ve spoken to me, it’s very likely that I’ve told you the stat that 80% of people will visit your Facebook page or website before booking with you. Your Facebook page has to be current, showcasing not just educational pieces and your knowledge, but also fun, entertaining pieces of content, that people are engaging with.

Whilst the tips above are a great starting point, there are many other options and routes that will help boost your followers, from linking to other social sites and your website, to displaying your Facebook Profile at your clinic via iPads and more. Facebook is your oyster!

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