With so many different social media platforms, it’s difficult to keep track of how they’re performing and figure out which ones are best for you. To help minimise the time you spend analysing your digital presence, we’re giving you the three awesome time saving digital tools we love (plus a few others). Not only do these programs help minimise the amount of time spent analysing your profiles but they help you by analysing what is working for you and what needs to be improved. Below are three of the programs that we love right now.


This gem is one of the market’s top leading project management sites, and provides a portal for collaboration and communication in the workplace. Monday allows all information to be located in a single spot that is accessible by all team members. Features that have made Monday so unique and popular is its ability to tag people or teams to communicate or remind them of tasks. Monday also allows employers and co-workers to track employee/contractor progress to find out what has been done and what is being worked on – the calendar tracking also allows others to see how busy you are and lend a hand to relieve some of the work (are we dreaming here?).

Monday is accessible for everyone, with several plans ranging from $25 to $157 a month. It’s great for allocating tasks to your team, like replacing towels, vacuuming, referrals, getting staff to do social media posts, updating web copy and more. For another option like Monday, check out Asana – their basic package is free.

2.Sprout Social

Sprout Social has made the way we manage social media easier, giving us the power to manager multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one universal hub. It has some fabulous analytics tools too, to help you better understand how you’re performing online. A pro for Sprout Social is its tracking hashtags tracking function. It lists the most used hashtags as well as the most engaged hashtags, allowing you to see what hashtags would improve engagement and interaction.

Sprout Social packages range from $99 to $249 per month, and is most appealing to Practitioners with large or multiple clinics, who use more than two social media sites. Being on the pricier side, Sprout Social offers a free trial where you can test out the program and see if it is the ‘right fit’ for you. Another great site, which has a much more manageable price tag, is Hootsuite (from $39), so take a look at both and see what’s right for you.

3.Google Analytics Data studio

Google Analytics Data Studio is a free reporting tool created by Google. You can link several of your social profiles into this program. It gives you an insight into how your visitors find and use your website, allowing you to see what is working and what needs to be worked on. Google Analytics Data Studio has made reporting equally enjoyable, allowing you to create beautiful, informative reports that are customisable, easy to understand and share with your team or stakeholders. Compatible with other solutions such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and so on, Google Analytics Data Studio allows you to access the data from one product while in another, helping you work more efficiently.

Google Analytics Data Studio is great for Physios, Osteos and Chiros that don’t want to spend money on tools but would like to see results and have evidence of their success.

There are so many online tools that could help your clinic – these are just a quick snapshot! With a variety of packages and prices, choose a solution that fits with your needs and budget. If having a killer online presence is one of your goals, maybe you need a better analytics app so you can use better hashtags, or work out what time of day is the best to post. Don’t have time, or find it hard to manage your team? Then a social or project management tool will be key! There are so many programs out there, so figure out your needs and then do your research before jumping in head first.

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