Have you ever wanted to target your organic posts to a niche of your followers? Well you can, it’s just that not many people know how to do it, or why they’d want to do it… So here’s an example:

“It’s coming to the end of the Netball season and you want to retain your clients post-finals. So you decide to offer a deal. Book a #physio #osteo or #chiro appointment in the month of September, and receive a free netball [replace with your chosen deal here]. Use the code NETPHYSIO when booking online or by phone.”

With the new #Facebook #algorithms, your organic post will likely reach 1.5-2% of your audience (so if you have 1000 likes, it might reach 15-20 people). Also, we don’t even know whether those 15-20 people even like netball. So instead, let’s target. We tell Facebook to show the post to those people who follow us AND have an interest in Netball. Your reach will decrease, but that’s ok, because 1) it will reach people that are interested in the offer and more likely to purchase, and 2) the target audience will more likely use reaction buttons and comment, which is what Facebook’s new algorithm likes. WIN WIN.

So how do you do it?

1.Activate it. Head to your business page and click on the Settings tab.

2.Make sure you’re on the General tab, then find ‘Audience optimisation for posts’ (fourth down the right-hand list). Click edit.

3.You will see a statement appear that says ‘Allow news feed targeting…’ Make sure the box is checked and click save.

4.Now head back to your page, and where you write your post, you’ll find the three dots. Click the three dots and you’ll be taken to a pop up screen (on a desktop).

5.There, select Public (down the bottom), then ‘News Feed targeting’.

6.Input your target audience interests (e.g. Netball), age, gender, locations if you wish (probably not necessary as your followers are likely to be within your catchment anyway), and any other demographics you want. Try not to refine your audience too much.

Click save, finish your post (make sure you include a photo or video), and there you have it – organic Facebook targeting for physio, osteo and chiro clinics (and everyone else!). As with everything, test it out first and see if it works for you – it will work better when you have a larger amount of followers, as Facebook will better be able to refine your audience. It’s great for AHPs to use if your posting about women’s health physio (limit to female audiences) for example, or an offer for over 65’s (restrict age). Keep in mind, it is still organic posting, so it won’t perform miracles, but it’s worth trying and see what sort of reactions and comments you get, to help with that new pesky Facebook algorithm. Enjoy!

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